Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ultraman Goods Exhibit at Super Festival 69

Exhibit of various Ultraman goods at Super Festival 69, including toys, books, drawings, helmets, and more!
Banso pop up book

Plastic models

I wonder what the story behind these helmets is.
 More after the jump:

Lots of sofubi figures

Tin toys. Wouldn't it be nice to have begun collecting these 20 years ago when prices were less stratospheric? ^_^

Cool signed item. Looks like a prop.

Sampling of the near-countless Ultraman picture books from the 70s.

Interesting uniform.

Cool drawings. Must be another great story here..

That's a keeper!


Brian said...

I had that Bullmark Earthtron (bottom photo,red with blue and green spray)when I was a kid in the early 70's.You crank its arm and sparks come out its mouth.I ruined that by taking it swimming with me.

andy b said...

I love funky toys like that. Whenever a shop is showing a customer a vintage tin toy, I head over to watch. Some fantastic engineering and creativity went into those toys!

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