Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Super Festival 69 スーパーフェスティバル 69

Welcome to Kaiju Korner's Super Festival 69 report. There were a large number of toy makers on hand with their latest sofubi, keshi gomu, and resin figures. Here are the images I shot, in alphabetical order.


 200+ images after the jump:

Art Junkiw

 Astro Zombies


 Black Book Toy

Five-piece set

Kaji-san brought three fantastic one-offs.



Cool action set up

Creative Design

Devilrobots and Kamikiri

Dream Rocket
Upcoming figures

DR always has beautifully painted figures.



New figure: Hyouga King

The minis were sold blind bagged.
Fewture Models

Cool upcoming jumbo style figure

 Fig Lab

New Paul Kaiju toy

Five Star Toys

New Hachi (Hutch the Honeybee) figures. 9 parts each!

Geek Market


Very popular booth

 Gotouchi Kaiju
Resin figures. Each represents a different part of Japan.

Jetture Handsome Taro

 Kaiju Ken

 Kenth Toy Works
Cool Geek. Limited to 4.


Ugly Doll's David Horvath popped over for a joint drawing event.
 Time for a coffee break!
 That was good. Let's continue...


There's going to be a Marusan exhibition in Harajuku in November.

Max Toy


 Nagamoto Mai
 Nerd One & Friends

One Up
Display only

 Onion Fight
Super cool keshi

Rampage Toys

 Refreshment Toy


Interesting two-part design


These and several other figures were designed by a friendy LA-based designer who attended the show.

Science Patrol

Spice Seed



 Takanori Fukatori

US Toys

X Plus


I believe people who bought a certain figure got one of these signboards.


Any favorites? Drop a comments below our head over to our Facebook page. Thanks for reading!


CMR said...

So cool that you keep attending these super festivals, always thoroughly enjoy the excellent coverage, thanks! btw, do you know the date of the next one?

andy b said...

In Japan I think I'm the last blog standing! ^_O

Not sure if they've released the date for the next one. Just keep checking artstorm's site: http://artstorm.co.jp/sufes.html

Mr. Chicken said...

Onion Fights - been following them for about a year now, their keshi is amazing but sells out pretty fast. Did they have the larger size figure out?

andy b said...

I was really digging their figures. To my recollection, it was just the small ones.

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