Sunday, August 23, 2015

Vintage Discoveries #4: Kamen RIder keshi gomu gachapon daishi

Sometimes when I come across a cool vintage piece, I like to highlight it in a Vintage Discovery post. Been a while since I've done one. This week's VD (no, we're not talking about Veteran's Day - sheesh) is a gachapon daishi. I've written about daishi in the past - they're the display cards placed in a gachpon machine letting you know what's inside.

Most of the daishi you see are flat cards with photos or illustrations. But some have actual samples affixed to them. You can find them from time to time, but the subject matter isn't always the most interesting (rubber frogs, little gadgets - that sort of thing). So to find a daishi with samples from an interesting property is the bellissima trifecta.

This gachapon machine - from the late 70s or early 80s, had two sizes of Kamen Rider keshi gomu figures. There was a mix of heroes, including Amazon, V3, and X, as well as some villains.

Some closeups:
 More after the jump:

They used some really thin and stretchy plastic wrap to surround the figures. I guess this was done to make the figures stand out while letting you see as much detail as possible. Sometimes it created this funky Spiderman webby effect.

Backside. This type of corrugated strip was very common with the old daishi that had samples on them. That may have been to make the cards more flexible, so they could wrap over a curved surface more easily.

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