Monday, April 27, 2015

Super Festival 68 / スーパーフェスティバル 68

The 68th installment of the venerable Super Festival show showed an impressive surge in new toys, toy makers, and strong attendance. All told, there were around 50 toy makers at SF 68 - some with their own booths, and some sharing booths.

The show was so overflowing that (for the first time I've seen it) a separate side room was opened for a Super Art Toy area. That was basically a group of indie toy makers (including Art Junkies, T9G, Onion Fight and others) who banded together to exhibit side by side. I'm not sure if that was a one-off event or if we'll see it at future shows.

Here's my SF 68 report, which is fairly pic heavy (230+ shots). Makers are alphabetized:


 Much more after the jump:

Art Junkies


Black Book Toy

New Ron English toy. This one is pretty huge!



Creative Design




Upcoming figure, which will be made in sofubi.

The face is interchangeable.

Alternate head

Fewture Models

Galaxy People

Wings are hand cut and carefully applied to the figure. Cool concept.

Grody Shogun and Science Patrol

This figure, designed by Miscreation Toys, is based on a character from the 1930s film Phantom Creeps.
Hukahori Takanoli

Ilu Ilu
A highlight of the show was Ilu Ilu's new release: Commander Victor in the new Techno Loaders line.

Commander Victor's packaging is definitely pro level. The printing is done at a factory. There is an inner and outer box.

Each robot has 8 points of articulation. Helmets are removable. Visors rotate. The figure comes with a sword that slots into a scabbard built into the back of the figure. The torso can be removed to reveal a slot for two mini boxes. (I will have many more photos in a future post.)
Each version of Commander Victor comes with 4 minis. Each is articulated, with up to four parts per mini.
Ilu Ilu also sold posters that came with random minis. The super micro figure is about 1 cm tall.
Sakaguchi-san draws his images by hand and paints them in acrylic. He then scans them into a computer and does color adjustments digitally.
Jet x Some

New mini Kai Thunder

More minis

Kaiju Ken

Kenth Toy Works

King of Jinx

Kto Kto

Maon vs Markaro


Marusan welcomed a legendary TV and movie composer: 渡辺 宙明 (Chumei Watanabe). Watanabe-san wrote the music for Kikaider, Inazuman, and many other shows.


Gargamel micros

The micros combine to form a larger figure. Very cool.
Monster Made

Nerd One

Newter Vision

Onion Fight


Rampage Toys


Upcoming figure

Another new figure from RESTORE
Roughneck Toys

Shamrock Arrow



Shoko Nakazawa

Sunguts and Pico Pico


Undead Toys

US Toys


New Healey Made sofubi figure: Quackula - produced in conjunction with Gargamel

X Plus + Star Ace


Yamomark + Blobpus

In a follow-up Super Festival report, I will be taking an in depth look at Iru Iru's new Techno Loader toys.


boo velvet said...

Superb coverage, Andy. As always, you've made my day ;)

I look forward to your even more in-depth breakdown of Ilu Ilu's new work coming up soon.

Great job, bud.

LueyH said...

great coverage.

eleggua said...

Fantastic photos. Thanx for sharing!

krakit said...

Awesome post with so many great photos! A big Thank You to you, Andy.

Philippe Laurichesse said...

Hi, would you have any more information on the Parasyte Migi sofubi on the "Dune" table and where I might be able to buy one ?

It really is the best-looking Migi figure I've ever seen.

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