Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gundam Razors

I love me a good branding campaign, even when I'm not interested in the property or the product. You can still enjoy a well done POP, clever packaging and design work, and sometimes even giveaways. The X Fit x Gundam razors have all that.
I spotted the display at this Yamada pharmacy. It's located right next to the JR Akihabara staition.

Fantastic placement (right at the entrance) for the POP. Makes sense, since you probably have thousands of anime fans walking by every day.
 More after the jump:

Here's your Gundam-themed packaging. Along with a razor and 5 sets of blades, you get a little character head that slots in near the razor head.

Variant packaging for another character.

The razor itself is fairly plain, but I guess they also want you to see what you're getting to appeal to your practical side...
...which kind of goes out the window when you're spending 700 yen on a non-electric razor.
The 6 different heads in the series.

The second half of the arrangement is a case showing what I believe are prizes.

There are 150 Bluetooth speakers up for grabs and 150 tote bags.

Personally I'll stick with my trusty yet admittedly boring battery-powered razor. But for Gundam fans, I imagine the packaging alone is enough to reel them in. Makes for a cool collectible, too. Thought of that way, 700 yen isn't too bad.

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