Saturday, October 18, 2014

New York Comic Con 2014: Indie Toys

Welcome to Kaiju Korner's NYCC 2014 indie toys report. Once again, most of the indie toy booths were in the corner of the convention center called The Block. That made it nice and compact, and you could jump from booth to booth easily.
One trend this year was booth sharing. Though the number of booths selling indie toys wasn't large, many booths featured toys by more than one maker, so the total number of toy makers represented was pretty decent. This year, though, I noticed the absence of Japanese toy makers. Some of their toys were present (especially at the Kaiju Monster, Lulubell, and Clutter booths), but unlike with previous years, I didn't see any makers manning the booths.

However, there were quite a lot of vinyl, resin, and plush toys by Western makers who were there in person. Some, including Joe Merrill (Splurrt) and James Groman, manned different booths at set times to release their toys.

Here are pics of the indie toy booths, alphabetized by booth name:

481 Universe

 More after the jump:

Art Whino

Live painting


Lots of Ron English toys


Cool new Dunny series

Imagination Asylum

Kaiju Monster

Sweet Blobpus custom

Massive Bob Conge work


Got Chianti?

Price check on aisle 8, please.

Upcoming new head for Rotten Rex

Rotten Rex mini


Monster Factory

Monster Island

Awesome painted Nerd One toys

Cool zine with lots of mini interviews

My Plastic Heart

Odd Fauna

Suburban Vinyl

Tenacious Collective


Toy Tokyo
The lines for this booth were epic.

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour. Thanks for reading!

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