Thursday, August 14, 2014

Epic vintage Godzilla movie poster and movie program display

Yesterday at Nakano Broadway I spotted one of the best assortments of vintage Godzilla posters, programs, and other movie materials I've ever seen for sale.

It looks like Mandarake was saving a bunch up to sell all together in honor of the big guy's 60th birthday. It's also probably no coincidence that we're in the middle of the Obon holiday season, during which stores are packed with shoppers.

Some really rare posters for sale.

King Kong vs. Godzilla
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A couple more Mothra vs. Godzilla posters. Looks like there were quite a variety made to promote the film.

Original movie programs:
Mothra vs. Godzilla
The shop also had an exceptional selection of program books from the Toho "Champion Festivals." The festivals focusing on Godzilla ran in theaters from roughly 1968-1978. I believe they were held twice a year - presumably to coincide with school holidays. Here's a selection:
Godzilla vs. Megaro
Along with a Godzilla movie from the pantheon of the King of Monster's filmography, kids were shown a cartoon and a tokusatsu TV show (like an episode of Rainbow Man).
There are two types of Champion Festival programs. Most were sold at the theaters. Some, like this one, were for staff. They were thinner and more basic, with fewer pages. This is a really nice one, as it previews what's being shown on the big screen: Son of Godzilla, Rainbow Man, and Ultraman Taro.
The Champion Festival programs contain illustrations, photos, articles, and cool stuff like cutouts and postcards.
King Kong vs. Godzilla

Champion Festival tickets! These are wonderful for their design and for the treasure trove of information on them: ticket prices, festival dates, and show programs.
Champion Matsuri Posters:

Original lobby cards:
When I was there, some dude bought around 30 (!!) posters from inside the shop. The condition of nearly everything was fantastic, and I'm glad I snapped some shots when I did, while display windows were still full.

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