Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gachapon Daishi (ガチャポン台紙) Part 2

A little while ago, I wrote a short introduction to daishi, the backing display cards placed in gachapon windows to preview what's in the machine. Now I'd like to post some pics of a few premium daishi, some of which took a good while to track down. I'll mix in pics of some other fun daishi which I  thought were cool. Finally, I'll wrap with pics of a complete, unused early daishi.
Zelda keshi gomu series - Part 1

Makaimura keshi series - 良かった!

Kamen Rider Amazon. Not sure what this series is all about. I just liked the graphics.
 More after the jump:

Ultraman mini Pez! ^_^

Transformers (1985)

Super World - I think this might be a knockoff series. There's no company or copyright info on the daishi. It doesn't even say Mario on it. :P

Early unused Paman daishi
Now here's a look at an unused vintage (probably from the 70s) daishi, complete with samples wrapped in plastic. These are much harder to find than other types of daishi.
The card says "Monster Light."

The various dinos are transparent, and there's an opening at the bottom to insert a flashlight or Christmas tree light or something else.

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