Sunday, April 27, 2014

Super Festival 65 スーパーフェスティバル65

Super Festival 65 indie toys, arranged by maker.

Astro Zombies


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These upcoming Blobpus x Dream Rockets collabs are scheduled to be released in the coming months.

Bounty Hunter
Display of upcoming figure: Demeru-kun. Scheduled to be released on May 5 and retailing at 12,000 yen.


Bullmark SF 65 brochure

Comet Debris

Creative Design


Fewture Models

Fleshing out the cast of Fringe!

Fig Lab and Black Book Toys

Galaxy People and Rampage


Boba Fett Focus!
Ilu Ilu and Uzumark
New series - Kakumei. It means "revolution." There's a whole story wrapped around these new shokugan (candy premium) toys, and each character's story is explained on the sticker that comes with the figure.

Sakaguchi-san explained to me this series has many influences, including Necross, Makaimura (Ghosts N' Goblins), and Obake Q (old Japanese cartoon).

One of the smaller figures can be worn like so to create a power hand for this larger figure, which is the series' enemy.

The top box contains candy. The bottom one has the figure(s).

The smaller figure can be inserted into the back of the larger one to create the lips and eyeball.

Jet Turre and Handsome Tarom

These are all from a Shigeru Mizuki (水木 しげる) manga called Akuma-kun (悪魔くん).

This upcoming figure is Kuroneko Yokai  (黒猫妖怪) - Black Cat Spirit.
Kaiju Ken


Kenth Toy Works

Upcoming surfing kaiju figure


450 series figures

Gun game. Many tried. Some won! (not me :p)

Gun game top prizes
Max Toy and Dream Rockets

Sofubi Ammonaito!

Upcoming figure

Mitari, Gargamel, + Butanohana

Nerd One and Newter Vision


Secret Base


Sunguts and Pico Pico

US Toys

Velocitron and Lulubell

X Plus




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Thanks Andy! Great show coverage as usual, much appreciated. That 450 line is always impressive.

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Awesome! Thanks Andy =)

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Thanks Andy, you da man!

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Thanx a lot for the report and pics. Great work!

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Thank you for bringing this awesome coverage to us!

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