Thursday, October 17, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013: RESTORE's Eternal Cloud (prototype)

The final proto sculpt up close look from NYCC we have for you is Eternal Cloud by RESTORE. This too is extremely complex and is quite a looker. I'm not sure what the final articulation is going to be like, but for now, it looks like it may belong in the statuette category.
Eternal Cloud features a dragon (I had a dream about a dragon last night...) wrapped around a temple. Once again, Abe's work incorporates traditional Japanese motifes.
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Even the bottom is detailed. The man can't help himself!
Abe's skills are phenomenal, but I personally hope he returns some day to the action figure category that has made Debris Japan such a big success. That said, Eternal Cloud is gorgeous in its own right, and I look forward to seeing how the painted versions turn out.

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