Monday, August 12, 2013

Zooomth keshi gomu figures from WF 2013 (Summer): A closer look

Here's a closer look at two new keshi gomu one-day license figures released by Zoomoth at Wonder Festival 2013 (Summer):
First up, a figure from the 1986 Namco video game 源平討魔伝 (Genpei Toma Den - The Genji and Heike Tale of the Demon's Demise).

The figure came with a huge mace which fits pretty easily into the figure's hand..
 More after the jump:


Next, a figure from 大魔界村 (Dai Makaimura: Ghouls 'n Ghosts), a 1988 Capcom game.
Like other Zoomoth figures, this release is both highly detailed, well sculpted, and nicely balanced.


Group shot with the two new keshi gomu + two other Zoomoth figures from the previous Wonder Festival. I like the way they're maintaining the same scale so old and new releases go together nicely.

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