Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Side by Side: Stinky Ginger - To Nakano Broadway!

I was joined by two versions of Chris Ryniak's Stinky Ginger on a trip to the worldwide capital of toydom - Nakano Broadway! Stinky is the third figure in the Circus Posterus x Tomenosuke-syoten sofubi line. Click on each image to see its full size.

We start our adventure waiting for the bus. Here the Stinkies are hanging out on a sign featuring a famous Japanese logo which one sees all over. It's for a delivery company called Takkyubin, which delivers packages all over Japan for very competitive rates.

Here the Stinkies face off to debate the relative merits of Takkyubin vs. Japan Post. One of the interesting features about life in Japan is people often mail things to themselves from shops rather than carry them home. For low fees (500-1000 yen or less) or even for free, you can have all manner of parcels and packages sent to you, which can be nice if you're on vacation or even out and about in your own town, given how crowded trains get.
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Oh no, what have the Stinkies gotten themselves into??? Not to worry, they're just caught up in a recycle net. Nets and crates and such are used for garbage and recycling collection at set times during the week. Nets like this are placed over the bags so things don't blow away.

It's in the trees! It's coming!

Here's a front shot of "Tide Pool" Stinky Ginger.

This is "Pickled Ginger" Stinky.

The lovely ladies have found a homey picket fence.

Oh my - it's Circus Posterius!

Here we are on the bus - to Nakano! This shot shows the clear pink body of Pickled Ginger, lit up nicely in the warm afternoon sunshine.
Let us out!

I took the Stinkies to a little restaurant I like in the basement of Nakano Broadway. Such excellent service!

Showing off their twist and shout moves. Stinky is articulated at the wrists and at the waist.

Here's the figure's biggest flaw, I think. The waist cut is not exactly round, and when it's turned, the vinyl undulates and pops up at a point. You sometimes see problems like this with sofubi figures, and it's often something that could have been prevented at the design and production stages. Fortunately the problem isn't too serious with this figure, and it can be turned 360 degrees without the joint completely popping out.

Back to our story. Wait....what??? These slivers were friends of ours. We knew them from stalk to root.

The blogger has gone too far this time! (Bonus points for anyone up with these nerd references.)

Get 'em!

Fortunately everyone calmed down, and we made our way to a nearby Starbucks...

...which was a good turn, since the lighting was excellent for taking shots of the stalks. The furrows not only provide much of Stinky's angst, but they add rich texture and personality to the toy.

Thanks for joining us!
If you'd like to get your hands on Stinky Ginger or other CP x T toys, North America sales are handled by Stranger Factory, and international sales are handled by Tomenosuke-syoten.

Click here for my earlier review of the debut unpainted green version.

Thanks for reading!

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