Monday, February 11, 2013

Wonder Festival 2013 (Winter) / ワンダーフェスティバル 2013[冬] Indie Toys

Indie toys at the 2013 Winter Wonder Festival, listed by maker, alphabetically:

Angel Abby:


Bear Model and Dragon Boy:

Two hundred photos after the jump:


Giant Kanegon

CCP and Five Star:


Cosmo Knight Alpha:

First release of the day

Released later in the day
As always, a massive line formed for this booth.

Fig Lab:

Dig Dug one-day license release

Display only

Ghosts and Goblins one-day license release (new color of set released at earlier WF)

Display only
There was also a  clear with glitter micro Thrashout chase.
Designed by Naoya. Not yet named.

Test pull

Mitari-chan resins - Set 1

Set 2. There were around 10 of each set available.
Hints and Spices:
Suity-chan. New figure that debuted just the other day.
Shane's second new figure: Koiwalla


Only the clear Garamon comes with the inner light.




Kaiju Ken:

sample of new figure. debut release coming soon
Kaiju Shojo:
This figure (and the Tiger Seven below) were sculpted by Kaiju Ken.

These comics were all drawn by the gentleman who runs Kaiju Shojo.
Also a very popular booth, full of one-day license figures

Lulubell et al:

Add Dehara minis

These are based on Chinese amusement park knock-off versions of Pokemon characters!


Stunning blue base vinyl

First sofubi pull of this new figure


Loads of sample of upcoming figures

 Max Toy:
Mark made a point of encouraging people to actually use this soap, which is made in the USA.

One-day license figures

Prototype of upcoming tank set. The top turret is removable and can be replaced with the mini Negora torso. The two things on the left are weapons that slide over Negora's arms. Micro Negora can also slot into the back turret. The set also comes with a helmet. Awesome design and execution. Sculpted by Makino-san.

unfinished helmet - in production

New upcoming robot series. Mark Nagata design. This and the next three sculpts are all in development.

Also Mark's design
Touma design

Touma design

Max Toy gachapon machine
Note: I interviewed Mark and will be uploading it soon to the Kaiju Korner YouTube channel.
 Nerd One:
Display only

Pico Pico:

PP Pudding:

Super cool

 Shamrock Arrow:
One-day license figure - another keshi release (There's definitely a keshi/resin trend going on!)
They were taking orders for this.

Not by Shikaruna, but also made to order

 Todd Robertson:
Todd flew over from Boston. He had some micro-run minis and an Ammonaito to sell, and a new figure to show!

Great paintwork by Todd
Coming soon to sofubi!
Todd and Mark (Note: I also interviewed Todd and will be uploading it soon to the Kaiju Korner YouTube channel.)

TT Toys:

US Toys:


Figures from the tokusatsu "Zone Fighter"


This has THIRTY-FIVE parts! Many are glued on. Astonishing level of detail.

Keshi masters
One-day license figures
The painted figures are all display only.

There's a LOT more WF coverage coming to KK over the next week, including interviews, garage kits, some cosplay pics, special exhibitions, and more!

Full guide to Kaiju Korner's Winter Wonder Festival 2013 coverage:

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Shankweather said...

"Only the clear Garamon comes with the inner light." That's deep man.

Tim said...

So many amazing toys!
I love the glowy Linden blob/dude, the Marusan electrical towers, the giant Denboku robots and the Kaiju Ken Mazingers. I seriously need to get a PP Pudding Devilman and/or Mazinger mech too.

Thanks for the pics!!

krakit said...

It can drive a person crazy
seeing so many wanted toys
and not being able to touch
them. Nyarg! ha ha!

Vada said...

This is cool!

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