Thursday, February 14, 2013

Coo Coo for Keshi?

We pause our WF coverage with this pic of keshi gone wild.

Just don't call these guys little rubber toys. With price tags like that, they come with Sky Tower sized Napoleonic complexes. Oi vey!

Please fill the comments box with knowledge about these Rubber Richie Riches and why they are so pricey.


Bebop Designs said...

Here are a list of great resources that cover the Keshi world, pricing is usually determined by a large number things, but the number one factor just like in comics and stamps the number of its addition and how rare it is. I hope that these blogs might help, I am glad your covering Keshi figures too I would love to know of some great places in Japan that I could order online or visit.

andy b said...

Excellent links, thanks Keith!

King.the.100t said...

Here is an interview I did a few years back at the Mandarake Microkan with the grand master of Kinkeshi, Micro Miyakoshi:

コンプREX Vol. 1 is the best written resource on rare Kinkeshi ever published.

Cool Mandarake TV episodes on keshi:

Lots of HTF Kinkeshi pics and cool Kinnikuman items

Ghost said...

Nice interview King!

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