Sunday, October 7, 2012

Super Festival 60

Welcome to Kaiju Korner's Super Festival 60 report. We have 236 images for you, from dozens of booths. Enjoy!

Angel Abby

 More after the jump:

These are customs.

These Skull Head Butts have the exclusive Angel Abby head.

 Astro Zombies

I'd call these all-time Secret Base/Pushead greats - especially the green version.


The Garamon was sold unpainted - green.

Display painted version

Bounty Hunter:


I always think it's super cool to see these guys continuing to set up booths at shows!


These were sold via pre-order.

Comet Debris:

This quickly sold out. Koji said a small number will be sold online tomorrow.

Creative Design:


Fewture Models:

Nice to see Arale joining the Fewture Models family.

Amazing range of accessories for this Robocon!

Superb level of detail on these

 Fig Lab:

Some sold with red blotches/splatter. Some sold all white.

Just 4000 yen for a set of 3!
First time I've seen these new figures sold. Remember we previewed them at the Rubber Duck Frenzy show recently.

Speaking of Rubber Duck, I believe another Frenzy Show is scheduled to be held there later this month.

To be released at NYCC
Grody Shogun + Lulubell:

new astronaut head

One of 3 figures sculpted by Shikaruna for an anti-tobacco NPO. I'll be writing more about the series soon.

Display only

To be released at the Designer Toy Awards in the goodie bags.

Ilanena x Velocitron

Ilanena x Rampage

I x V
Jet Some:


Coming soon!
Kaiju Ken:

New and upcoming figures

Released today

Proto sculpt


Today's releases

Display only. The first painted Iron Monkey was sold today through Medicom.


Newcomer on the scene. The figures are made of resin.

Morning sales

Inside sales and display figures


A new game, involving picking up figures from one bin with a little hand clamp and depositing them into the other bin.

Upcoming releases

Marusan's boss told me this app is now available for sale for 250 yen.

Huge Red King coming next year!
 Max Toys:
There was an impressive line for these little cats!
Mega House:
On sale in November

Also on sale next month

Butanohana pack

These resin packs sold out super fast!

Gargamel gachas, featuring new micro figures. The chase on the top Gacha machine was a clear blue Midora. The bottom chase was a glitter Midora.

Preview of upcoming Le Merde sofubi

Le Merde resin for sale

Nerd One:

Gorilla Tank

painted version was display only

This unpainted Gorilla Tank came with a body. 6000 yen.

I was later told by a collector that this came bundled with a T-shirt.
Pico Pico:

Refreshment Toys:
Lots of Halloween themed releases!

Secret Base:

Looks a lot like Scott Wilkowski's work!
Shamrock Arrow:


In development


Take Shit:

US Toys:



The figures with numbers in front are gacha prizes. The gachas (1000 yen per try) contained either a mini figure or a numbered slip telling you which large figure you won.

First production versions I've seen of these Yamomark super minis.

The painted figure on the left (and on the posters) was sold as a pre-order.

The smaller figure on the right shows the approximate size of how big the figure will actually be when it's released.

The next few pics are a really nice display of 20 years of Super Festival fliers. Really cool way to mark SF 60. Congrats to the show organizers for decades of success!

Dealer tables:
As always, there was a wide range of toys sold at the dealer tables, from 50 year-old figures to brand new toys.

Well, that's all from Super Festival 60. Thanks for reading!

Please feel free to comment on your favorite releases here or on our Facebook page


A.O.I. said...

Exceptional as always. That was interesting about the 1000 yen bubble /lottery minis that led to winning a bigger fig. I wonder how many won.

andy b said...

I know for sure prize #1 was claimed. You got either a mini or a larger fig (via a number) from each gacha spin - not both.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the eyecandy!

Bart :)

CMR said...

Wow man! thanks for posting all these pics, it's just like being there.

snakepunchesfox said...

Excellent post!
So many great figures.
Thank you for continuing to provide unparalleled and invaluable access through the sobubi portal that is Kaiju Korner!

boo-velvet (JP) said...

Wonderful Coverage! Thanks for caring to bring us the experience best you can :) Sooo Appreciated!

Onion said...

I'll just jump on the bandwagon and say thanks for the coverage. Great pics!!

krakit said...

It's a blast looking through
your Super Festival coverage,
Andy. I saw at least 5 sofubi
toys from your photos that I
wanted to buy. Thanks for
bringing cool events like this
to all of us out here in
internet land.

km said...


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