Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Medicom sofubi releases

On sale tomorrow (October 7) at the Project 1/6 store, and online:

Debut release of new Kikakke figure: Iron Monkey - 8000 yen

Five Star Toys x Punk Drunkers Rikishiman - 9800 yen
 More after the jump:

Max Toy's King Negora + Mouse - 9450 yen

Yamomark's Gorugonzola - 6500 yen


CMR said...

Just curious, do you have any background info on the crazy monkey? Hopefully there will be some still for sale this December, so I can buy one in person :)

andy b said...

Well, I can tell you there are 10 parts, and the second version might be released online by Kikakke in the near future. I'll also have a bunch more pics of the first release in an upcoming post.

Sanjeev said...

Not to be pedantic, Andy, but that big sumo dude with the painted face is actually named "Rikishiman" from Kinnikuman. And the toy's a collaboration between FiveStar Toys and fashion/toy dealer, Punk Drunkers. =)

andy b said...

Thanks for the info! I don't know much about the line - I must have misread the info from the Project 1/6 page. :p

Post corrected!

Please feel free to jump in and comment if you see other mistakes. Input is always appreciated. :)

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