Tuesday, May 8, 2012

KK Reviews: Greasebat

Greasebat, designed by Jeff Lamm and produced by Monster Worship, is not only a faithful realization in sofubi of Jeff's line art, but also a very fun toy in its own right. From the excellent header card art, it's immediately obvious how well-sculpted the figure is - a 3D form that has leapt straight from line art to vinyl.

Let's start with a look at the packaging:
The figure is packaged in traditional bag/header style.

Classic rampaging monster art by Johnny Sampson.

 More after the jump:
Next up a look at the figure from all sides:

The figure, which stands at about 6" tall, is symmetrical in form and design, making it very well-balanced.

 Now let's look at the articulation:
Greasebat is articulated at the neck and arms.
Here's my favorite part of the sculpt, which was done by Chauskoskis. The arms and wings are flush with the body, providing excellent fluid articulation.

 Now some close ups:
One of the cool things about the design is the smooth, bulging eyes that allow for a lot of paint app possibilities.
Here you can see the meticulously sculpted scales, progressing straight down the figure
 Finally a few fun shots:
At peace among the sakura...OK they aren't sakura, but they're still pretty!
And that's a look at Greasebat, a figure which blends in perfectly with the rest of Jeff''s toys and art.

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