Saturday, May 12, 2012

Design Festa 35 Part 1: Indy Toys

Lots to see at today's Design Festa: new figures, upcoming figures, and more. First up, indy toys:

Akaisatsu Club + Nakayoshi:

 130 pics after the jump:

Check the final pick at the bottom of the post to see this guy in action!

Atelier Pu:

Black Rabbit:


Debut release of Berotonian Jr.

Figure comes with art book!

Original Dokugan inspired hand puppet made by Kaji-san using Fando.

Dream Rockets:

Few Many:

Fig Lab:

Handsome TaroM:




Max Toy:

Negora comes with a mouse.

Upcoming One Up exclusive, which is being sold as a pre-order.

Released today

Upcoming Hyper Hobby exclusives

Watchmen colors
Upcoming Max Toy x Frenzy collab

Looks like some Max Toy x Touma action is on the horizon.

Cool giveaway cards

Pico Pico:

Paul Kaiju:
Paul showing today's Mockbat release

Paul Kaiju x Refreshment Toys

Paul Kaiju x Rampage Toys

Rampage Toys:

Goto-san spray with eyes painted by Jon

Rampage x Ilanena

Rampage x Refreshment Toys

Rampage x Chima Group
Refreshment Toys:


Tama Factory:

Beautiful resin figures with fantastic articulation

Uky Daydreamer:


kaiju and kaijin on the loose!


TSDProduction said...

can you give me some info about that fetish doll by sunguts?

andy b said...

Custom figure I think. Maybe you can get some info on his website:

He also has a webshop:

Bart said...

Andy, awesome coverage. Thanks for the eyecandy! :D

MattyBoombatty said...

What was the turnout like? Doesn't look like there is many people there. Some great shots as always!

andy b said...

Seemed a bit lighter than for previous DFs. Still wall to wall booths.

Dennis said...

Hey Andy,
As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed your coverage! Thank you! Keep up the wonderful job :)
--Dennis from SF, CA

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