Monday, February 6, 2012

Giant Godzilla Slide!

Pics and Videos of an enormous Godzilla slide have been surfacing, and I had to post here it's so cool. These are links, pics, and videos that I cobbled together from the Interwebs, so thanks to all who left the trail of breadcrumbs that made this post possible!

The Godzilla slide is located in Kurihama Flower World, which is near Kurihama, a city on the Miura Peninsula. I did some virtual leg work, and the closest station -Keikyukurihama - is about 1.5 hours from Shinjuku. Click here for public transportation routing from Tokyo.

I also plotted a walking route from the station to Godzilla. It's 1.9 kilometers. Here's a walking map. I imagine there are also buses and what not to get you from the train station to Kurihama Flower World, but even if there aren't, the good news is the park isn't too far out there in the boonies, and the most you'd have to walk is maybe 15-20 minutes from the train station to the park entrance, and then a few more minutes to Godzilla.

It sounds like a very nice park in its own right, with huge fields of flowers. But we're here to talk about flower stomping beasties!

Here are a couple more stills:

So you go in one end, and out the other. It's the circle of radioactive kaiju life! Oh, caaaan't you feel the...too much? OK, never happened.

Here's a video of Sir Beastie. Love the theme music!!!

Finally, here's an overhead satellite look + map to the site (zoom out from the top view). Unlike the huge Gundam which went up and down pretty quickly, this Godzilla seems to be a lasting fixture and has been around at least a couple of years. It looks like it would make a fantastic day trip from Tokyo.


Aaron said...

That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Godzilla statue poised infront of power lines LOL, I see an power outage problem...LOL
Chad Bonesteel

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