Thursday, February 23, 2012

EC Mall exclusive Shikaruna Kappa

EC Mall (ECモール) has a gorgeous Shikaruna Kappa for sale, at a great price of 6800 yen. I believe the release is connected to Hyper Hobby. Pics of the figure:

Click here to go to the sale page.


JP said...

1st, Thanks so much for the Koolest Kaiju blog around! Now living down here in the swamps of South GA, the internet's the ONLY source of this kind of info, & what you bring all of us fans is an incredible mix of WONDERFUL Goodness :) Okay, 2nd, do you know if EC Mall sells & ships internationally? I assume they would, hence your post, but I couldn't find any info about such via their website. Thank You for continuing to bring us the good stuff daily! -- JP

andy b said...

Hey JP, thanks for the kind words. :)

I'm not 100% sure, but my gut is they may not ship overseas. The good news is more and more releases by toy makers and companies are international, but unfortunately not all are.

Still when there's a cool new release I see, I like to put it up despite the seller's shipping policies - that way it doesn't fly under the radar and fans can at least know the figure is out there so they can take steps to track it down.

andy b said...

To follow up, I went to the site. The check out page requires a Japanese address, so from what I can tell it looks like a Japan-only release.

JP said...

Thanks for letting me know, Andy!

I agree 100% w' what you said about posting the piece regardless of it's location, cause you're right, it gives us more treasure to add to the map. And I've only recently realized how much I like Siccaluna Koubo.

In fact, it was your studio tour that taught me that! Funny thing, I saw a bunch of pieces in the shop (of your post) that I have been on the lookout for, and, ha, had no idea they were all Shikaruna! I can't thank you enough for all the great information you throw to us kaiju wolves. K, well back to the hunt I go. aaAAWWWOOOOOOOOO!!!

andy b said...

Hah hah right on. Shikaruna has definitely made a bunch of fantastic toys. Happy hunting!

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