Saturday, January 7, 2012

Multiple Medicom Sofubi Exclusives!

Today Medicom's flagship store Project 1/6 sold its latest round of sofubi exclusives, this time featuring figures from Dream Rockets, P.P. Pudding, and Paul Kaiju.
Paul Kaiju + P.P.Pudding. The last of the Salamander Joes (which were extremely limited) literally disappeared before our eyes moments after I took this shot.

PK Salamander Joe

P.P. Pudding

Dream Rockets. Beautiful colors.
 More after the jump:

 More store shots:


Grizlli Atom said...

Salamander joooooe!

MelancholyChild said...

Don't happen to know anywhere an Australia could order the Kinocks & Orange UFO set do ya? Been hunting for it everywhere, but most places I've found only ship to japan :(

andy b said...

If they won't ship overseas, pretty much the main option is finding an agent/buyer in Japan to help. Celga is a popular one for bidding on auctions (and maybe buying from online stores - I'm not sure). I think there are a bunch of other agency services out there you should be able to find through a Google search. Hope that helps. :)

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