Friday, December 23, 2011

New from Grody Shogun 12.22.2011

New Grody Shogun figures:

Karakuri GID base vinyl

Oji-san counterpart. Also GID

Not sure if this is GID. Maybe.

Another GIDer. Insane new figure, combining parts from En Man, Karakuri, and Monster.

In development


Patrick said...

Those Ojisans and Karakuris look awesome!

Monsterforge said...

Oh man... those Mickey pieces are hilarious!

Really digging the rest too... 'specially the Oji's and Kara Kuri's!

snakepunchesfox said...

Nice! Very seasonally appropriate colors.
Andy, do you know if the red Karakuri is a "Frosty" chase?

Can't wait to see what further shape the Mickeys will take. Also, the MMMMs in some different colors.

Thanks again!!

andy b said...

I was wondering that too but didn't ask. I'll try to find out the next time I run into Luke.

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