Friday, September 2, 2011

More about Grody Shogun

As we wait for the Monster Kara GID figures to be delivered from the factory, here are some more insights and info about the Grody Shogun lines.


All of the head, body, and arm variants are made from 1 body mold, 1 arm mold, and 2 head molds. Luke created a number of waxes from each mold and then sculpted directly from them to create the variant body parts.

In terms of origin/inspiration, the Monsters are based on Frankenstein and vampires.

Oji-san and Karakuri

Both of these figures` heads and bodies came from one set of molds. Luke started by sculpting Oji-san and making molds of his head and body. To make Karakuri, Luke repoured wax into the molds and then sculpted from them to create Oji-san`s very own Edo-style mechanical doppleganger.

The arms for both figures were sculpted from blocks of wax, which I think is very cool.

So there`s a bit more into the inner workings of Grody Shogun. I`ll have the GS x KK ordering info up as soon I can. Sometimes the vinyl pulling schedule from factories takes on a life of its own, and you`ve just got to roll with it. Thanks for your patience!

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