Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moon Claw Beast / 月爪獣

Here’s a look at the first two versions of Moon Claw Beast, (月爪獣) a new toy from Kansai based Dr. Strange Toys.

The unpainted black debut version was released last month at Superfestival 49. The black/red version was released this month. Both quickly sold out.
It’s a complex toy, with 6 parts. That gives it a ton of movable joints. So many parts were needed because of the sharp angles and pointed areas. That’s a common issue with sofubi toys. During the rotocast production process, bubbles and cracks can form if there are a lot of sharp angles and pointy bits. (This is especially the case with clear vinyl.) To solve these issues and avoid problems, Moon Claw Beast has a bunch of joints, which makes it even more cool, since it moves and feels like an old school 80’s toy.

The head part is especially nice. It’s curved, so when you turn it, the head croons upwards, giving the figure a lot of personality.

This is the first figure in a planned "Week of Kaiju" series of figures, as the character for moon (月) also stands for Monday. The next character, representing fire (火) and Tuesday, is scheduled for release early next year.

The Popsoda website is a good spot for release info on new versions of the toy.

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