Sunday, May 17, 2009

Itokin Park @ Design Festa

Itokin Park had one of the best booths at the show, featuring a glorious array of Lucha Bear customs by Ito-san, Dead Presidents, and Lash. There were also sample factory shots on display as well as samples of upcoming figures. Not too shabby! (Click the image to see its full size.)

Display breakdown:
* Top row: Lash customs

* Second row from top:
- Bagged figures: Dead Presidents customs.
- Unbagged figures: Lash custom, Dead Presidents custom
- White Iti test shot
- Unpainted black deubt Luchas with sample brass knuckles and wrist bands (NFS)

* Third row from top:
- First 8 figures starting from the far left: Ito-san customs
- Clear with holographic chips sample figure (This figure will be modified next week. The next sample is set to have more holochips.)
- The last two figures in this row (on the far right) are samples, I believe.

* Bottom row
- Far left figure is a clear rainbow Chef piece with a paper body done by Ito-san's friend. It's a one off custom piece. NFS.
- Marble sample shot from the factory
- Clear sparkles sample from the factory
- The next two figures (pink mask and blue mask) are samples
- Junk Yard Dog Lucha Bear (Itokin Park website release. Scheduled for September)
- Orange mask Lucha is a sample
- Panda Bear Lucha (scheduled for June)
- White/Red Lucha (V-King exclusive. Scheduled for July.)
- Kuso vinyl Lucha (on sale at Kuso Vinyl now, if they still have any left)
- Debut painted Lucha
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