Monday, October 27, 2008

New Pop Soda shop

I've taken a ton of photos of Osaka, Kobe, and the Hobby Con, but I haven't got time tonight to sort it all out, so I'll start with more pics of the new Pop Soda shop. I hope they'll give an idea of the really wide variety of toys sold at the shop. The staff is also super friendly.

The shop is located in the heart of the Amerika Mura part of the Shinsaibashi district of Osaka. In fact, it's right next to the famous Triangle Park, which is a landmark on virtually every map of the city. From the park, look up, and you'll see a big Pop Soda sign on the 5th floor of the building next to the AM PM convenience store.

You can find a map, store hours, and tons of other info on Hossy's excellent store website:

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