Monday, July 2, 2007

Super Festival 43 - July 1, 2007. New sculpt revealed!!!

Cronic released some great stuff at today's Super Festival!

Two new Dorogamis:

Nerd One X Cronic Nougaki (This is the second version of this figure (with Nerd One's resin cast skull head) that has been released. The first was released at last February's Wonder Festival. A third version will be released at this August's Wonder Festival.)

Zyurai Asu:

Finally, Koiwa-san unveiled, for the first time, a new figure - Dorome. It's a bit larger than Dorogami. Can't wait to see what fantastic paint work lies in store for the 6th addition to the Cronic kaiju family!

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````````` said...

I canny wait! nice design I'd ike to see some more shots to get a better feel for this design.

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