Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cronic Spotlight #4: 2007 Taipei Toy Festival Nougaki

Today is Double Spotlight Sunday!

First, the 2007 Taipei Toy Festival Nougaki, sold at the OneUp booth at last week's show. This is a really stunning figure. The base is clear green. Over most of the figure (except one forearm), a coat of black spray was applied. Then silver highlights were added over that, and the "front face" was given green eyes and a purple jewel. Green war paint sideburns were also added, presumably by brushing somewhat dry green paint on each cheek.

The "back face" was given a red jewel, with ominous green highlights brushed on to give the face a mysterious "idol statue" feeling.

This Nougaki is not only a fantastic design, but it's one of the best at giving both faces a unique personality.

OK, onto the pics....

The two faces of Nougaki:

Shoe fettish!
Front view:

Back view: Side view:

Close up:

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