Monday, May 8, 2017

Cornucopia of Rare and Wonderful Tetsujin 28 Toys!

Starting price: About $40,000
I recently had a chance to check out an amazing selection of vintage Tetsujin 28 toys. Tetsujin 28 is one of Japan's most famous characters. He was introduced in manga form in 1956 by Mitsuteru Yokoyama.
I believe these toys were made in Japan in the 1950s-1960s.
Among them are a smorgasbord of rare and amazing tin toys, including fantastic remote controlled figures. In the age of drones and Go Pro, we take toys like that for granted, but 50 years ago, remote controlled toys were a technological wonder!
 Lots more wondrous images after the jump.

The name "Tetsujin" (鉄人) means "Iron Man," so it's fitting that many of the earliest toys were made of metal.
Love the box art!

Remote controlled Tetsujin!

Model kit

Super cool flying pose remote figure. Gotta love the ingenuity that the toy designers and engineers displayed half a century ago.

We'll wrap with a pic of another amazing flying pose tin toy!
Most of the early Tetsujin 28 manga were released as furoku (magazine supplements). For an intro to furoku, check out my past blog post here.

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