Monday, April 24, 2017

Super Festival 74 / スーパーフェスティバル 74

Super Festival is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The most recent installment of the show was very well attended, which bodes well for the future. The biggest shift in the toy scene is the growing number of toy makers from Hong Kong who are having toys made in China using Japanese production methods. I'll say a bit more about that below.

Here is my 200+ pic report on the toy offerings from around 50 toy makers from Japan, England, China, the USA, and beyond. They brought goods made from sofubi, resin, keshi gomu, and other materials. For the pics, the booths are arranged alphabetically.

Akaisatsu Club

 Much more after the jump:




Bean Sprouts
I had a nice chat with this Hong Kong toy seller. She told me that the factories making toys like this (and others) from Hong Kong are also producing toys for larger Japanese toy sellers. As I learned from other conversations at other booths, originally materials for sofubi toys would be made in Japan and then shipped to China. But now they're able to do all that in China and export the finished product to Japan. The quality is pretty good, and the cost is a fraction of what it costs to make them in Japan. My question is, since it costs less and less to make these toys (even in small quantities) these days, why do the prices keep going up?

Big One Craft

Spectacular clear Silver Kamen with paper inserts, pipe cleaners, and light spray. The quality of clear toys these days is fantastic.

Black Seed
Another new Hong Kong seller. I like the creativity and infusion of fresh ideas with some of the new offerings we're seeing. But, like with many other indie toys. the cost will block out most collectors. These were sold by lottery.

The person at the booth told me the pagoda can be expanded to make it taller. Very cool.





These beautiful prints are made on canvas.

 Chima Group

Comet Debris

Creative Design


Cool 8 bit Street Fighter T-shirts!
 Fewture Models

Galaxy Hunter
Nice selection of detailed keshi figures

Grody Shogun

Painted by Luke. Sold by lottery. As I stood there. so many people got tickets that they ran out and had to make more!
Hell Painter

Upcoming figure

Jetturre and Dream Rockets

More fantastic canvas prints. I like this trend!



Max Toy

Nerd One, Pop Soda, and Friends

One Up

Pico Pico and Sunguts




Shikaruna does everything well, including their packaging.

Amazing quality on this sofubi Robby the Robot. The upper part is made of super clear vinyl. The bits on the ears are metal.

Toys by Henry Anderson III

Toy art Gallery and Uh Oh

Toys Street
Toys Street is another new seller from Hong Kong.

Unbox Industries

Undead Toys

US Toys

Vintage and Vinyl Club
Consortium of sellers from Hong Kong.




That's all from Super Festival 74. Thanks for reading. Head over to our Facebook page to say hi!

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