Sunday, March 12, 2017

So long, Omuraisu

Tokyo is about to lose another toy world icon. After 30 years in business, Omuraisu, the last great toy shop in the Shimokitazawa district in Tokyo, is set to close its doors. April will be its final month.
Over the years, Omuraisu, with its friendly, smiling owner, has been a must-visit location for hardcore toy hounds. The shop has carried all the Showa era favorites, from sofubi to tin toys to chogokin and candy toy premiums.
But the last few years have been very hard for shops like this. Though the number of foreign visitors is at record highs, toy travelers gravitate to high-traffic areas like Akihabara and Nakano.
Tokyo's modern toy shops are well run, but they're clean and glitzy. You don't get the same digging for treasure experience like you do with these old shops. Seasoned toy hunters will know what I'm talking about.

More shop shots after the jump:

Two legends in the toy world. Omuraisu's owner on the left talking to Godzilla-ya's owner on the right.

The owner loved Omelette Rice so much as a kid that he named his shop after it.

So long, Omuraisu, and thanks for being such a great place to shop for 30 years.


よろしく おねがいします.


Bee said...

Sad news :(

andy b said...

Fore sure. I saw the owner the other day. He's in good spirits.

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