Monday, October 17, 2016

Superhero + Monster Pez at the Pez Visitor Center (Orange, CT)

In Orange, Connecticut, just outside of New Haven, is a kind of mecca for Pez fans: the Pez Visitor Center. It has a small museum, shop, and some nice displays. It's also the site of a Pez factory, but that isn't open to visitors.

Pez seems synonymous with American candy, but it was actually invented in Austria in 1927. A few decades later, they started selling candy with the now iconic dispensers. There are a huge number out there, not to mention a faithful following of collectors.
Here's a look at one of the displays at the Pez Center, showing Superhero and Monster dispensers from over the years.

 A couple more shots from the center:

You can fill up one of the tins on the bottom with any combination of flavors you like for $5.99. The tins hold a LOT of Pez!
It's impressive to see a big variety of Pez dispensers in one place. With all the releases out there, including exclusives to certain shops and countries, it's no wonder so many folks enjoy collecting them.

For fans of the candy or dispensers (or just general toy fans) who are in the New England area, a stop to the Visitor Center is worth looking into.

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