Thursday, July 7, 2016

One Piece "Kuji" lottery toy sales

From time to time I like to cover the interesting "kuji" lottery sales at convenience stores. They're sort of "flash sales," since they tend to only last a couple of weeks. The latest kuji sale is for One Piece items.
Purchasing ticket

The way they work is you pick up a ticket from the display. Then you take it to a register, pay 650 yen, and choose a card from a box.
Display stand
The card has a letter on it. telling you which toy or other item you get. A is the best toy, and then B, C, etc. until H or I.
The top prizes are One Piece statues. These can be pretty expensive, so "winning" one for 650 yen is a good deal.
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"Kuji" sales are an innocent form of toy gambling, kind of like UFO games. Interestingly, the kuji concept has been around for more than half a century. Back in the 1960s. many kids' magazines had "speedo kuji" (fast lottery) forms that you could mail in for a chance at a prize. Considering how often one comes across these magazines with the speedo kuji page missing, it's clear the concept was very popular.

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