Thursday, November 19, 2015

Star Wars Kirin drinks in Japan

The Star Wars boom continues in Japan. To be honest, the marketing wave hasn't been too bombastic (yet). Instead of seeing overwhelming waves of products at a single store, they seem to be spread around a bit - a few baked goods here, a few sweets here, some toys there.

Star Wars licensing and food & drink products have gone hand in glove since the beginning. Recently in Japan, Kirin has launched a series of drinks. Here are pics of some I recently spotted in Tokyo.

This is a type of carbonated soda, I think. The Star Wars villains have red-themed packaging labeled Red Force, while the heroes make up the Blue Force.
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 Fire Coffee
Another Kirin product, Fire is a pretty big canned coffee label. These are larger sized cans, and they're semi-sweet. I used to be a fan, but I gave up sweet coffee a while back, so I didn't get any of these to try. Actually, I believe Kirin has also put out Star Wars themed unsweetened canned coffee, but I haven't managed to find any.

These are neat since there's a bilingual (English and Japanese) character blurb below the character's name.
We're just a few weeks away from the new film, so we'll see if the boom ramps up in December. I actually think it's better to spread things out the way they are so people don't get sick of seeing Star Wars everywhere. Also worth noting is trends tend to last longer in Japan than elsewhere, so this may be just the beginning of a multi-month, if not multi-year strategy.

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