Thursday, October 29, 2015

Kawasaki European Festival 2015

Every year in Kawasaki, a European Festival is held. There are antique dealers, food stalls, and even performance artists moving about.
The festival is held in a shopping plaza called La Cittadella, and though I wouldn't call the event mind blowing, it's a fun away to spend an afternoon. Here are some pics I took:
 There were a few dozen dealers on hand, mostly selling European antiques.

The toyage at the event was mostly along these lines.
 More after the jump:

Pretty cool bus

One of my favorite things about these types of events in Japan is the way things are displayed. Cool old world vibe.

View from up top. There's a shopping arcade surrounding the plaza.

These performers were walking back and forth dancing and interacting with the festival goers.

There were hints of pantomime,but the Mime Apocalypse was averted, and all baby seals and puppies emerged unscathed.

Something out of a Hugo novel.

This retro airline bag was cool.

Creepy enough for your collection?

Yep, it's a bathtub.

Food stal

There are a few restaurants surrounding the plaza.

Nearby Futsal field

All species welcome!

Entrance to the festival is free, and it's an easy trip from Tokyo. I'm not sure if it's held at the same time every year, but La Cittadella's website lists event info and an access map. Looks like they've got things going on throughout the year.

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