Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tokyo Goats

In general, Tokyo is not what you'd call an unpredictable city. You pretty much know what you're going to get in every district: convenience stores, malls, ramen restaurants, pachinko parlors... But from time to time you will come across something (or things) that make you do a double take.
Not far from Tachikawa Station, near a movie theater that's next to the monorail line, there's a large, empty patch of land. And on that land are a number of placid, mellow goats. Not quite what you'd expect to see in the world's largest metropolis, but the area is far enough from Central Tokyo (about an hour from Shinjuku) that you can kind of see how it may happen.
They're quite popular with passers-by, and they make a nice change from the concrete that covers most of the city.
I'm not sure how long they've been there or if this is their permanent home, but if you find yourself in Tachikawa, you can pop over and say hi to these furry friends.

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