Saturday, February 28, 2015

Oedo Antique Market

The Oedo Antique Market, held regularly in Tokyo near Yurakucho station, is like a lot of other events in Japan. Most booths feel like they're manned by the same people every time, and whereas you can find some neat stuff, finding a deal is another thing. Of course you can bargain, so there's a chance you might walk away with something good for a decent price.
This particular market, held outdoors in front of the Tokyo International Forum, seems to be popular with tourists. The goods are a mix of vintage Japanese and imported items, from all up and down the antique gamut: glassware, knickknacks, curios, clothing, statues, and the like.
There are a few vendors selling toys, but again since most are professional sellers, I don't see much advantage over shopping at stores. Still it's a free event and an easy way to pass an hour or two before heading on to other parts of the city.
More pics from the market, after the jump:

Lots of old cars and trucks like this.

Spotted a couple of cool old appliances like this.

This was one of the only toys I thought about, but I looked at the price and moved on.

Did a double take when I saw this one. Picked it up, saw something like Avon on the bottom, and put it back.

This type of Western character and mascot toy - Bob's Big Boy, Colonel Sanders, Yogi Bear, Michelin Man, etc. - still gets a lot of attention in Japan. I'm not sure how many people collect stuff from the 60s-70s, but you sure see plenty of the toys, lunchboxes, and other items around.

I thought this was a neat display, with vintage door locks attached to an old block of wood.

And now for something completely different.

Pretty eclectic stuff, right? It's a colorful way to spend a morning, but I'm not sure how much variety you'll find month to month. If you want to check out details and dates, here's a page with event information in English.


Anonymous said...

Great Post! If you go to any other street markets/shows, please share more photos. Its neat to see the cool things you find.


andy b said...

Thanks for the nice comment. Glad you liked the post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Andy, great photos. I think you should make a topic about flea markets in Japan.
And of course give emphasis to vintage toys. :)

Best regards!


andy b said...

Thanks for reading! I actually attended a flea market today in Kawasaki. The focus was on European stuff, but there were few toys. Still had a fun time.

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