Sunday, January 11, 2015

Super Festival 67 / スーパーフェスティバル 67

Welcome to Kaiju Korner's Super Festival 67 indie toy report. Once again I've tried to go beyond the status quo and introduce several makers we haven't covered before, across different mediums. I hope you'll find something interesting, inspirational, or just plain fun!

So here's our coverage, with pictures and notes. The makers are alphabetized.

Aimo Do
Today was this maker's first appearance at Super Festival.


This and the next two custom sets were 60,000 yen each.

 More after the jump:



Another first timer, Cobolo's fun and whimsical figures are made of resin. Click here to check out their blog.

I really like this guy!

Creative Design

This beautiful book, containing detailed information about the 1970s Champion Matsuri Festivals, was designed by this multi-talented toy maker.

This booth had a fantastic selection of painted resin figures. A number of them were painted by one of the booth members. Others are toys made by Dunk. Click here for their website.

Upcoming model kit event.
 Fewture Models

Figure Lab

Geek Market

Upcoming sofubi Tanuki.

Glider Works
This was Glider Works' debut show. Click here for their Facebook page.

These are resin.


Jetture and Handsome Tarom

Kenth Toy Works


Marusan has a new YouTube channel you might want to check out: Marusan TV.

Shooting game prizes

My sorry attempt at the game

Cool Marusan postcard

Kaminaga-san having fun with a nice camera setup.
Three comedians designed these toys which were produced by Medicom.

They were on hand for the release, which attracted quite a few people.

New gachapon sofubi toys produced by Medicom. They will be available at the 30+ Village Vanguard stores in Japan.


Gargamel micros

I believe these are the chase variants.

New cast figures, available for pre-order.


The hats are removable.

Science Patrol

Shamrock Arrow, Mash, and Nerd One


Sunguts and Pico Pico

Undead Toys

US Toys


Steve McQueen in The Great Escape.




Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks Andy! VAG has to be the worst acronym ... or maybe the best lol =p

Anonymous said...

Finally got a chance to attended this year, and it was one of the best events of this nature, that I've ever been too.

Everybody is cool, picture taking isn't forbidden (unlike most toy related events and stores), and best of all, the toy shopping was fun!

I hope to be back in Tokyo for another Super Festival next year. Thanks for the continued coverage of this super cool event!

andy b said...

Glad you had a good time! Weather was nice, too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report, Andy. Appreciated.

In previews reports, you also highlighted dealer tables showcasing other toys/robots/etc. Will you be providing any photos of them?

andy b said...

Thanks. No dealer table photos, but I will be posting pics of an Ultraman Leo vintage goods exhibition.

maddie said...

Great coverage as always! One of these days I need to attend for myself. :)

krakit said...

My favorites are the purple Cosmegira by Yamomark and the pink Rat Fink.

Thank you Andy for the great photos and the effort you put in to sharing your Super Festival experience with us.

andy b said...

Thanks for the nice comments. Yeah there are always a bunch of cool new paint jobs and sometimes completely new toys at the show. And the variety seems to be growing with more toys from resin and other materials along with vinyl.

krakit said...

Yes, the resin figures from Dunk look high quality and I'm looking forward to seeing new resin characters from Cobolo.

andy b said...

Those Cobolo characters are super fun. Hopefully they'll come back to the show next time. It's tough for new sellers, but I always encourage them and let them know some of the hottest makers took many months (and a good number of shows) before getting traction.

larry said...

Hi Andy,

I'm planning a trip there in September. When is the soonest I can find out the exact date of the September show? Also, is there any way to tell if there are any other toy shows anywhere in Japan at that time?


andy b said...

Just keep checking the Artstorm website.

I honestly don't know a single website that tracks upcoming events. It's just a matter of following your favorite toy makers on Twitter or other social networking sites and seeing whatever info trickles in.

Have a fun trip!

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