Monday, February 10, 2014

Wonder Festival 2014 (Winter) / ワンダーフェスティバル 2014[冬] Part 2: Indie Toys

Here is Kaiju Korner's main Wonder Festival Winter 2014 report: a look at indie toys, including sofubi, keshi, resin, and more.

Booths are arranged alphabetically.

Angel Abby

Bullmark and Yamanaya

Really cool info board about the way the Ultraman cast hands were made.
 200+ pics after the jump:


Chima Group

Cosmo Knight Alpha

I heard these retailed for $300.

New line of minis - Cosmo Alien (Check out my previous post on the Medicom Toys booth for pics of more versions as well as protos of upcoming additions to the line.)

Nice Blackjack

Dune seems to be taking off in a hurry!


Check out these spooky battle damage and intestine wielding bots.

What's that? There's a missile sticking out of my gut? No way, bro!

Fig Lab

New additions to the Millenial line, from Slpurrt and Paul Kaiju.

I always have a nice chat with the Futuristic crew, who really enjoy making these model kits.

Hinomaru Ya


Nice packaging!


Kaiju Ken




Mirock and Goccodo

Took me a few minutes to describe "pimp" to a fan waiting to get one of these. Lots of pantomime.

New keshi gomu maker on the scene - Moqkeshi. There's clearly a boom in keshi going on, with multiple makers securing one-day licenses to make figures based on properties, in addition to some new original keshi characters.

Nerd One

Fantastic new creation by Nerd One. This is called the M.O.T.U.L.O.S. - a cross between MOTU (Masters of the Universe) and Neclos (a famous Japanese keshi line from back in the day). So you have this one piece castle, with a little plug on the bottom like you see on a coin bank...

...and inside the castle is one of these bottom-row keshi figures. How cool is that!!
Newter Vision
Another newcomer on the scene - Newter Vision with their Mighty Mashroom line. Gotta love the accessories!

Outer Rim
And yet another keshi maker debuting at WF - Outer Rim, with some spectacular one-day license works right out of the gate.

A famous character from Lupin the 3rd. I really love the execution on this one. Check out the super thin arms and legs.

I like this one a lot too, from Shaman King - so unusual and highly detailed.
Paint samples (display only):

Pico Pico

Pico Smash!
Popsoda and Refreshment

PP Pudding

Rampage Toys

Plenty of original keshi here!

Shamrock Arrow

Keshi based on a Gundam character


One of Aztekaiser's enemies


TT Toys


US Toys



Pretty koi colors


Once again Zoomoth, who seems to be a leading pioneer in the modern keshi movement, brought some nice figures.

 Display only paint samples:

Whew, that was a lot of work... One thing about Wonder Festival is for sure - the scale is massive!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome coverage! I like the Mach Baron and Zaboga repros

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always, thanks for braving the snow Andy! =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coverage, Andy! As painful as it might be to see. So much good stuff.

Bee said...

I agree, this is simply great. Thanks for the commitment, really appreciate seeing the WF as I live on the other side of the globe :)

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