Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Antique Jamboree 2014

Tokyo has a large and thriving antique scene, with shows held just about every month. There are street sales, flea markets, and large shows held at event halls. Antique Jamboree is one of the better known shows, and it's held at Tokyo's Big Sight.

Dealers have everything from vintage phonographs to antique furniture to glassware, fabric, dolls, celluloid figures, and other toys. This was my first time attending the show, and I had a good time checking out the booths and snapping shots. Here are some pics.

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This was one of my first chances to put my new camera (a Canon S120) through the paces. It has a great touch screen which makes it easy to instantly choose the point of focus and take shots like this.

This reminded me of something you might see on American Pickers.

I love these old Chinese style display shelves.

Kokeshi dolls
I was surprised at how many fabric sellers were at the show.

Super cool train lamps!

Anyone know why Onis often come paired in red and blue? (If you have an idea, drop a note in the comments below.)

Nice variety of beer cans.

Not sure what this is. Kind of freaks me out.

Spanky at the Big Sight!

Celluloid toys

This craftsman makes display cases, and doesn't stop working when the show doors open!

Talk about brand focus. Most things at this booth were either Pelkan or Dunhill items.

No idea what this is - some kind of air compression contraption - but it looks awesome!

And that's a wrap from Antique Jamboree 2014. Thanks for touring with us!

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Scott said...

That Count Chocula is amazing!!

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