Friday, June 17, 2011

2011 Tokyo Toy Show Part 4: Sega

Carrying on with our coverage of the 2011 TTS, we arrive at Japanese juggernaut Sega. Their display was mostly geared towards younger kids, meaning just about everything was new to me. But one of the fun things about the TTS is they have samples of a lot of the toys, so you can pretend you're 5 all over again. And this time you don't have to stay in the cupboard all day. I'll be good Mommy, I promise! Sorry, got a bit sidetracked there.

Here's what Sega had this year's show:

More after the jump:

Zoobles are cool! You pres down on their heads, and they change poses and close or move their eyes.

Looks like there's a huge Zoobles universe out there!

Encore, maestro!

Again Anpanman. The dude was all over the TTS!

OK, this was awesome. I've seen pen reader books before, but I think this one could make a great Japanese learning tool (though the voices might grate on you after a while).

These electronic pets kind of creeped me out, but they are warm and fuzzy.

Sega had a few different home planetarium sets, as well as a booth where you can walk inside and see how they work. Very nice idea.
That's a wrap for the Sega segment. Stay tuned for the final installment of our Tokyo Toy Show report, which will feature booths like Revoltech and Schleich, as well as winners of the 2011 Japan Toy Awards.

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