Monday, February 7, 2011

Irene Fu's custom entry for Ilanena's 10th Anniversary show

Kaiju Korner's Irene Fu was asked to enter Ilanena's 10th Anniversary Dai Kaiju Card Monsters show, which opens tomorrow.

Her theme features iconic elements from Chinese design. The white base lent itself nicely to a traditional porcelain color scheme. Two different dragon styles are "tattooed" on the figures:
The 4 Chinese characters, written to evoke an ancient calligraphy style, read: "Zhong Hua Bai Nian," meaning "100 years of the Republic of China (Taiwan)." (This year marks Taiwan's 100th birthday as a nation!)

Another angle:
See you at the show!


krakit said...

the blue on white with
touches of silver make
a great color scheme.

andy b said...

I agree (though I might be somewhat biased!) Irene worked hard to craft a design that works across multiple levels. The set has gotten a lot of positive response. Wait till she starts pinstriping figures.... ;-)

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