Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Itokin Park rare resins and sofubi

Sometimes when walking into a toy store, you get lucky - especially if they just put out a collection or set of figures. I had some good luck the other day in Akihabara, where I picked up a couple of Itokin Park resin Kawadoujis and a sofubi Nano.The Kawas are complete, with boxes (one signed and dated by Kazu in 2007) and backdrops. Nano's also all there, with the original box.

I don't often feature my collection in blog posts (maybe I should more?) but since these figures don't see the light of day often, I thought I'd throw a spotlight on them. Please click each pic to see the original hi-res size.

Rest of the write up and lots of pics after the jump.

Close ups:
It was the first time I'd seen this Kawa. Love the paint work on the body and the extra add ons.
Close up with a better look at the head surfing Shishimai. (Thanks to the all-knowing Yardarm for the heads up!)

Another really cool Kawa. Actually, they had two versions: this one and one with a flesh body. I went with the ghoulish version. :p
 Finally, some side be side comparison shots, with the boxes:
More finds:


Anonymous said...

nice find Andy! Incredible luck at the beginning of the year bodes well for the rest of it!

andy b said...

Thanks!! Good luck to you as well throughout 2011! :O)

(look for an update on this blog post soon...)

Anonymous said...

I can get a feeling that all you do is walk around and buy toys :) Where did you find these?

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