Monday, November 1, 2010

New Monstock toys

It had been some time since I dropped in on my buddy Isao-san at Monstock, so I headed to Itabashi...only to discover the store had moved. Not only that, but some developer has torn down a row of old shops and restaurants (once opposite the old store) that gave the alleyway so much character. It was narrow and dark, twisting and brooding, like something you'd find in Holmes' London. Now the row is just an empty plot, and it's like the wall of an old house has been torn down, leaving the rest exposed and out of place (in its own space!) Alas...

Anyway, a really nice fellow there told me Monstock is now located in the Jujo station area. So I headed over, and Isao-san kindly met us at the station to lead us to the shop.

I was excited to see Monstock has been busy despite the move! In recent months, they've put out a bunch of new figures, many of which come from the dynamic design duo that make up Atelier Pu - an outfit I first learned about when I instantly fell in love with Softo-san after seeing their DVD + resin figure of the character.

Here are shots of many of the figures. They're mostly hi-res images, so click on each one to see its full size.

Mini Kameron and Mini Moairobo:
Mr. Patriot:
You can follow all the news about Monstock on their blog here.

New shop address: 東京都北区上十条4-13-5
It's located on the Saikyo line, just a few stops north of Ikebukuro.
Click here for a map to the new shop.

To inquire about ordering Monstock toys, contact Isao-san at:


Paul said...

Is that e-mail address correct? None of my e-mail services will send to addresses

andy b said...

As far as I know it's correct, and I know other people with addresses.

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