Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cronic x Nerd One Nougaki Custom

Nougaki has always been one of my favorite Cronic toys. The two faced fellow has such a mysterious and amorphous character that it can be painted and designed in all sorts of ways. (Click here to check out my Nougaki visual checklist.)

Recently, Naoki Koiwa (Cronic) has focused entirely on custom figures. (He hasn't released a regular "production" figure in more than 6 months.) We've seen a pretty amazing variety of pieces, including pinstriped, camo, battle damaged, marbled figures, etc., with many pieces using a combination of paint and design techniques. A lot come with very cool weapons.

One of the highlights of Nougaki's history was a series of three collabs with Nerd One, who designed a skull resin head that fits onto Nougaki's body.

I was very happy to pick up Cronic's newest custom Nougaki, which uses the Nougaki body and Nerd One head. Here are a couple more pics:

Here's a pic of another Nougaki custom which Cronic made a few months ago:
And another recent one-off :

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