Friday, July 18, 2008

Kaiju Korner reporting from Japan!

Hi folks,

I didn't get around to blogging my last trip to Japan, but I'll put up some pics and info this time around!

There's a ton of stuff going on in Japan over the next few weeks, including Star Wars Celebration Japan, WCC, and Wonderfestival.

So, I got in this afternoon, made it to the hotel, and headed out straight away to meet up with a buddy in Koiwa. First stop - Characters Toy, of course! It's an old shop with an incredible variety of vintage figures for sale, kept in great condition. Here are some pics: Man I thought about buying this gorgeous piece. A tad on the high side, though - 150,000 yen.

Then it was food time. We were both starved, since John had just come in on an overnight highway bus from Osaka, and I had just flown into Narita.
So we scoped out the area and found a cool place with food and nama biru!
Here's John explaining that I don't eat squiggly, slimy, or other non-veggie things:
This was tasty. The rice had a dried plum inside. Went great with the pickled side dish. Another tasty morsel. Very hot sauce!
P lus some other tasty food and Kirin nama biru!

Got back early enough, but tomorrow I'm facing a 1.5 hour trip to Chiba for the Star Wars event. :-/

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