Friday, January 27, 2012

Visit to Shikaruna shop + studio

I've visited and written up Shikaruna a couple of times before, but it's been over a year since my last write up, and a lot has changed in the interim. The studio is now a full-fledged shop, selling Shikaruna figures as well as antique toys.

The latter category is actually a throw back to the shop's origins, as they were once an antique shop. Now, they've come full circle - bringing it all together, and the place looks fantastic. It's also a studio, so there are sculpts, masks, molds, and paint bottles adorning the shelves, walls, and ceiling. Subarashi.

The studio/shop is in Koiwa. Given its renewed shop status, I'll soon add details of how to get there and will also update my Tokyo toy shop map. Edit: And here they are:

Opening hours: Tues-Sun from around 1:30-7:00.
Phone number: 03-3659-1990
Address:  〒133-0057 東京都江戸川区西小岩1-10-4-101 ハイメゾン菅野
Location: near Koiwa station (on the Sobu line - about 10 minutes from Akihabara). Click here for a precise map to the shop. (You'll want to print this or save it to your mobile device. The backstreets of Koiwa are a labyrinth!)

New display window in front

A lot of the stuff in the following images is for sale. Some figures are samples. Just ask, and they'll let you know.

 More after the jump:

Did you know the Shikaruna masters sculpted Skinner's Ultrus Bog?
Vintage toys: (Quite a lot of these were recently sold and will soon be picked up by the buyer.)

  Studio accoutrement:
Toy molds

In a future post, I'll be putting up a video of Miazawa-san painting Tetsujin-28.

 Sculpts, some of which will be future releases:

This figure is slotted to debut soon.

I love this image, as it sums up the classic feel of the Shikaruna wonderland.


krakit said...

I don't know if Shikaruna is one
person or more, but there is
some talent over there in Shikaruna.

I love the 4-armed Zagoran they made.

andy b said...

Well, there are a few people involved, but Miazawa-san is the head dude.

Patrick said...

Great shots as usual Andy.
The second pic made me yet again wonder why I passed on their Lucky Bag this year. Why!?!?!?

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