Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shikaruna Flavor Monsters

Shikaruna recently made a trio of sofubi figures for a Non Profit Organization. That in itself makes it an interesting enough series. I believe they're called something like "Flavor Monsters."The NPO is an anti-smoking outfit, and the monsters were commissioned to be used in a campaign against cigarettes made with added flavors. So, one of the monsters is "Strawberry," one is "Honey," and I believe the third is "Apple."

Here's a look at the figures:

 More after the jump:


At the Grody Shogun table at Super Festival 60, some of these figures were sold....

...but it isn't clear now how many future releases there will be, and to what extent the figures will be used by the NPO. Anyway it's a fun set of figures. Hoping to see more releases down the line.

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