Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shikaruna Product Catalogue

Not too long ago, Shikaruna released a beautiful catalogue (an A4 sized, 8 page stapled brochure) showing its different toy lines. This is the sort of thing we've been lacking for a long time. Real Head released a mook some years back which was very nicely made. And there was a Super7 mook 4-5 years ago with pics of a few toy lines.

But in recent years, there haven't been too many examples of finely printed indie toy catalogues or mooks. Of course cost is one factor. Another is the Internet. (Why pay to print when the Net is free, the argument goes.) But I'd say (and I'll talk about this more in a future post) that the proliferation of smart phones and a kind of blase settling in of the Net as an everyday thing has brought down the quality level of the content you see online.

There are exceptions, like the gorgeous, almost archival quality of photos taken (and posted) by Blobpus, Elegab, MVH, and others on their sites and blogs. And that's awesome. But when you can see many of a toy maker's lines and figures in one place, side by side - printed and easy to flip through - it adds a level of quality, convenience, and even an added measure of import.

Preramble done, and the case for print being made, I realize the Shikaruna catalogue probably isn't widely available outside of Japan. So I wanted to share pics with everyone. And thus in one fell swoop I digitize printed material, defeat my own argument, and democratize the catalogue so everyone can see it. I'm sorry, don't mention it.
(Click on each image to see the full size.)
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Unknown said...

That's fantastic.

Nerdstrom. said...

SO cool! Thanks for sharing, Andy!

J said...

Damn this is awesome, seeing a bunch of killer figures in there, thanks for sharing man!

Chris Ibsen said...

Andy is there any way I could get one of these sent to me stateside?

andy b said...

You could try contacting them to see if they'll do that. Here's the contact page on their site:

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